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WizdomCRM is an all -in- one FREE online School Management Software for Schools, Teachers, Parents & Students developed by ResidenceCRM

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About WizdomCRM

School Management System (SMS) is the ideal way to manage complete school operations and classrooms online. With 17 core modules,each user has different access rights from administrators, teachers, students and parents
Admin Module

Manage complete school operation

  • Report Management System
  • Online Admission Management
  • Online Fee Management
  • Curriculum and much more
  • Teachers & Students Performance
  • Teachers Module

    Classroom On Campus & Online

  • CAPE, CSEC & CCLC Tests
  • All Microsoft Apps for E-Learning
  • Homework, Exams & Marks
  • Assigning for the next class
  • Unlimited Video + Audio
  • Students & Parents Module

    Parents & Students Module

  • Join Teacher classes & groups
  • Access all Microsoft learning apps
  • View Reports & Attendance
  • Assignments & Timetables
  • Automatic grading & Notice board
  • Remote Learning Just Got Easier

    WizdomCRM infrastructure integrates with Microsoft to streamline live classrooms, file creation and sharing capabilities.

    Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities and connect with peers, with our Microsoft Teams FREE for your entire school and class. Access all the training and support you need

    • Unlimited Audio & Video Calls

    • Over 36 Educational Apps Integrated Microsoft 365

    • Equip your students for success today and tomorrow

    Extraordinary Capabilities

    Our technology infrastructure is aligned with the most trusted brands and can easily host each school operations simultaneously without any disruption



    Avarage A+



    Virtual Classes

    Advantages of Our School Management Platform

    FREE access to OFFICE 365

    Realtime access to tools & AI features to enhance your productivity anywhere

    Mobile Friendly

    From one dashboard you can manage homework, assignments and group documents sharing

    School Management

    Administrative staff can remotely manage their daily operations from any device.

    No Physical Teaching Borders

    Host virtual classrooms online for your students with video, audio conferencing and online assignments, quizes and exams

    We have all the new technologies

    Our systems are equipped with all E-Learning apps. Everything you need to collaborate with students and parents.

    E- Learning for the next generation

    Students can now connect in online learning environment outside of the classroom administered by their teacher

    A new era of E-Learning

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